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SuperloupeTM HD+




The Superloupe™ HD+ (registered Trade mark) is an exclusive ultra-motion system used to capture 500 frames per second with full Hi-Definition. The Superloupe™ makes possible the observation of spectacular phenomenon never seen before with an unbelievable quality and definition. Associated with specific broadcast HD lens (up to 1800 mm ) and LSM digital server (EVS XT[2]), the Superloupe™ system , with full integration Grass-Vally, shoots from 500 to 2.500 frames /sec in full HD with instantly live playback, thanks to the direct interface developed from the remote.

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With its advanced reliability and agility, this hand-held version is a successor model of the current Superloupe™ HD+, including incredible picture performance from his powerfull sensor.

Designed and developed by DVS’ in-house engineering team, the most complete Ultra slow motion technology on your shoulder combine extremely high image quality, compact/reliability and cost effectiveness.

Superloupe™HD+ Portable system allows using Superloupe™ HD+ technology at any location you want to shoot from!

You are able to deliver for live broadcast production astounding sequences shot wherever you wish, adopting the best angle and producing the best camera rotation effect you ever dreamt.

Operating crew can work like with other Superloupe caremas, able to control all parameters such as iris, white balance...

Also it works with hypermotion control software for EVS.

The package includs all needed equipment, from the Superloupe camera to the broadcast HD lens and accessories.

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