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Superloupe HD+ and 4K
500 / 2000 frames/s

The Superloupe™ HD+ (registered Trade mark) or The Superloupe™ 4K (registered Trade mark) are exclusive ultra-motion system used to capture 500 frames per second with full Hi-Definition or 4K. The Superloupe™ makes possible the observation of spectacular phenomenon never seen before with an unbelievable quality and definition.
Associated with specific broadcast HD lens (up to 1800 mm ) and LSM digital server (EVS XT2, XT3, XT4), the Superloupe™ system , with full integration Grass-Valley, shoots from 500 to 2.500 frames /sec in full HD or 4k with instantly live playback, thanks to the direct interface developed from the remote.


Main features :

  • Since 2004 : Superloupe™ exclusive patented ultra-motion technology by DVS
  • Superloupe™ HD+ High-Definition or Superloupe™ 4K High sensitive  25 ~ 2 500 Frames/sec ultra-motion shootage
  • Instant replay & Speed-break effect via EVS Hypermotion interface
  • Sensitivity enhancement for indoor work
  • Colorimetry /matrix according to EBU standard
  • Viewfinder 7“ HDTV High Brightness-High resolution
  • Advanced Multi Camera Control via U-MCP
  • Works like a regular broadcast camera, controls by Grass-Valley panel