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DVS training:Ultra-motion systems

DVS offers to the broadcasters possibility of make their technicians trained around ultra-motion system specificities.
Once trained by DVS, broadcast technicians are able ensuring SuperloupeTM systems setup and support without DVS on-field assistance.
Every Euro Media Group companies got now engineering crews able to use by their own ultra-motion systems.
Such training are automatically delivered to crews from companies purchasing SuperloupeTM systems.
Feel free contact us in order to benefit such training sessions, and become ready for your next ultra-motion production.

A One-day session to become able with DVS ultra motion systems

Main features :

Open to any video technician used with sports events Outside Broadcast surrounding
Ratecard : FREE if for customer purchasing a SuperloupeTM system and when one-day training session located in DVS Aix en Provence office.
Program guidelines: