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SuperloupeTM Aerial / U-water

Superloupe™ U-Water system delivers aquatic shots in live broadcast conditions (with submarine cameraman), using an ultra-motion dedicated housing and a 30-meters connection for camera controls. Superloupe™ R.F. fits also to any other configuration such as robotic housing.

Superloupe™ U-Water is ideal to shoot sporting events such as Diving, Swimming, but also for outside shots: Kite-Surf, sailing, cliff-diving...

The SUPERLOUPE™ Mini Aerial is exclusive system offering 1000 frames/sec ultra-motion shots on dedicated drone for live applications !

The system can be controlled from EVS server thanks to our wireless data technology but also carry with lastest reliable nano HD transmitter.

With flight endurance of 15 minutes, Superloupe™ Mini Aerial is perfect to shoot for outside sporting events such as Rowing, Skiing, Kite-Surf, sailing...

Feel free to call our engineers  in order to discuss your project, the layout in which you would like working.

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